Another Pulled Off Plane Because of Tattoos
07:52 PM
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If it wasn't for Twitter I wouldn't know things like Fake GaryBusey's tips on hookers, the exploits of douches on the subway, and what injustice is being done to our tattooed brethren. The latest in Delta doucherie happened earlier today to food stylist Adam Pearson.

Adam's first tweet, which sparked the re-tweet madness among foodies and tattoo freaks, said:

"Just pulled off delta flight, passenger said I was suspicious looking due to my tattoos @DeltaAssist not happy at all #goldmedallion fail

Adam then rightfully asks:

"If this pasngr was uncomf with my tattoos why wdnt they offer to rebook them on another flight, why do they need to bother me @DeltaAssist

Adam wasn't kicked off but pulled off and questioned for his "Atom Bomb" knux. The LA Times blog has the deets. Here's a bit from their post:

"Noted Los Angeles food stylist Adam C. Pearson was settling into his seat aboard a Delta flight Saturday morning when the flight attendant tapped him on the shoulder and asked him to come to the front of the plane. His first thought? "I'm getting an upgrade!"

Not exactly.

Pearson was temporarily asked to step off the plane and learned that another passenger had reported him for suspicious behavior, and noted that he had the words "Atom Bomb" tattooed across his fingers. Questioned by the captain and the flight attendant, Pearson explained that the tattoos referred to a childhood nickname. After answering a few more questions, Pearson -- who is a frequent Delta passenger and has flown over 142,000 miles with the airline this year alone -- was allowed to return to his seat."

Read more here.

I fly back from Brussels on Delta Monday. Let's see what they say about my muthafuckin snake tattoo on their muthafuckin plane.

put your lawyer skills to work on this one Marisa, Make some money off the airlines ignorance!

Dean, a big question is "what was the actual damage here"? They didnt kick him off. But he did say that he suffered humiliation on teh way back to his seat.

I'd have to look into it (but not at 3:15 AM Brussels time before the convention tomorrow). ;)

I do remember a case in Australia where a woman was asked to cover her pin-up tattoo and there was some media attention over it but cant find it now.

Meh, as much as I'd like to see any tattoo discrimination cease, I don't really see any damage either (speaking completely as a layman). Yeah, it may have been slightly embarrassing for him, and he may have had to deal with disapproving looks from others during the flight, but let's be serious...if he was really bothered by disapproving looks, he wouldn't have gauges and knuckle tattoos. Part of getting such visible body modifications is dealing with the fact that not everybody appreciates them.

If he was kicked off the flight, that would be one thing, but he was just questioned a little bit, and it sounds like at most caused some minor awkwardness. I imagine this dude already has pretty thick skin, based on those job-stoppers.

If anything it got him a bunch of free press, I mean, who knew there even was such a thing as "food stylist" before today?

Has anyone gone to look at the comments on the original article. The stupid, it burns!

no new posts from MKD?!?
maybe they did take offense to that sweet snake!
that or she punched out a TSA agent for giving her a titty-twister!

we hope she makes it back safe and unmolested!

When did McGruff the Crime Dog get Knuckle Tattoos?



... wow...

That's... really really dumb.

due in part to this story, I am officially leaving this planet, if anyone would like to join me.

Perhaps I will start an underwater community instead...


Pete, no problem with TSA for my tattoos but they freaked out because they thought I was trying ti smuggle in Diet Coke. I forgot that it was in my bag and they went ballistic, passing my bag through security twice. Almost missed my flight.
And this is Belgian TSA!

That said, I want to be a food stylist.

Who doesn't want to be a food stylist now? :)
TSA always goes ballastic if you forget you have even a little bottle of water in your backpack. But then I watched them be nice to a family who had full size shampoo conditioner pudding and liquid diet shakes crammed into their "carryon."
Figure that out.

glad to hear it
im with Justin!!

who the fuck came up witht he idea that the TSA should molest and photograph naked children?!?
id love to investigate myself, but i bet they would label me a terrorist if i did.

what the hell is wrong with US? are we really that afraid!?!
sorry for ranting

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