Holiday Gift Guide Coming Up
06:52 PM
Today is called "Black Friday" in the US where people storm the mega-stores in hopes of getting a Wii Fit half off. The video below shows just how ugly this can get. To make your holiday shopping easier -- and less offensive -- we're working on the N+S Holiday Gift Guide, where we'll feature goods from tattooists, indie artisans, and just cool people who make cool things. So we'll be posting these shopping picks alongside our regularly scheduled content over the next couple of weeks. If you have a favorite item or seller, feel free to let us know.

Video via Dangerous Minds.

a few years ago i went to this stupid thing and saw women using thier little children as battering rams on thier shopping carts!
i wish i was kidding!

a guy tried to run over a kid that had fallen and her parent didnt seem to notice she had fallen on the floor and was left behind. she must have been 8-10 years old. an employee blocked while i helped the kid get up.

on the upside, with all the chaos its a lot easier to steal overpriced shit from the corps!! LOL

Black Friday is yet another reason I despise my nation and it's gluttonous ways... Most people don't even go out to shop for others.

However, I am very excited to see what your goody list produces Marissa! You always have some fun stuff on it!


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