Holiday Gift Guide: Tattoo Greetings & Note Cards
06:20 PM
tattoo greeting card.jpg
Starting off this year's gift guide are my picks for tattoo-themed greeting cards should you be the type of person who puts me to shame by mailing holiday cheer before the actual holiday to be celebrated (and not two weeks later).

Of course, nothing compares in my mind to Rolling Stone magazine's Christmas card of a naked Lyle Tuttle (photographed by Annie Lebowitz in the 70s). But here are some of today's options from Etsy:

* "Tattooed Lady" holiday card set of 10 by Sugar Beet Press (shown above) where the backpiece proclaims "Peace on Earth, Good Will To Men." The original artwork by Sugar Beet owner Joy Kolitsky is printed on heavyweight watercolor paper and the cards are  blank inside. A set of ten with envelopes goes for $22.50. Individual cards can be purchased as well. 

* Painted Ladies postcards, without the holiday theme, designed by Amanda Atkins. A set of six postcards goes for $10. Prints and individual cards with the artwork are also on sale.

* Sideshow Tattooed Men note cards, stamped and embossed on a set of five colorful cards (with envelopes) by Emma Mount of England go for $8 for a set of five. I'm also digging her skull gift tags

There's always the e-Card option. I'm thinking of sending this Santa tattooed with my face on his back. You may want to go with other personalized options however.

 me as a tattoo.jpg

I love the greeting card. I would love to see everyone's reaction to that, but my family and friends would expect this from me!

Hey Marisa
thanks for including me in your shopping picks!
i love the other artists, and have bookmarked them on Etsy
have a cool yule!!!

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