Ladies, Ladies Art Show
12:55 PM
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I'm crazy excited about this upcoming exhibit opening December 10th at Tattoo Culture in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The Ladies Ladies Art Show features the fine art of 50 women tattooists, from long-time veterans of the craft to rising stars. See the full artist list below.

It's an event where tattooed women are celebrated for their artistry and not how they fill a bikini. [So let's just see how many tattoo mags actually cover the show.] I'll be there with my signature out-of-focus photo skills and let you know how it goes down. The opening party runs from 7-10:30PM.

Here are a couple of paintings that will be on view. See more on their Facebook page.

Titine Leu.jpgPainting by Titine Leu.

art by Maria Sena.jpgPainting by Maria Sena

ladies ladies artist list.jpg

yeah girls! good point about the filling out a bikini-- how odd that so many people who proclaim an "alternative" lifestyle or taste are in fact quite conventional beneath it (um, sorry but suicide girls? pretty but not terribly unconventional)
I notice the first artist's last name is Leu and wonder if she is any relation to the Leu family?

Melina, you're right. Titine is married to Filip Leu. I've been a fan of her paintings for quite a while. So happy she's a part of it.

I wish I was able to come across to the exhibition. I hope the tattoo mags cover the exhibition!

That looks like a rad show, definitely plenty of killer art. I am partial to the female samurai painting myself.

I hope the magazines give it some coverage! Having bigger names associated with it certainly helps.


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