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02:51 PM
I just got a message from our Editrix-In-Chief: she's currently in the midst of her 7th hour of tattooing at Calypso Tattoo and wants to apologize to all of her minions readers for the lack of updates today and tomorrow.  She'll resume blogging once she gets to the Brussels Tattoo Convention, where I'm sure she'll keep us entertained with live-tweeting and blurry iPhone snapshots.

That said, if you're anywhere near Belgium (as an American, it is my God-given right to know absolutely titty about European geography), get yer butt on out there, bring our Fearless Leader some antibiotic ointment for her fresh ink and buy her book!



" an American, it is my God-given right to know absolutely titty about European geography..."


Grosz, you are too much! We are so gunna party if I ever make it out to NYC.


p.s. - how come the gal in the advert only has one stocking on?...

Glad that someone around here appreciates me, Justin - for more than just keeping this site coded, debugged, de-spammed and running.

(That said, I still have a lot more to do to get this site up to par - but pesky things like my career, my record label and my love for having a drink with Marisa get in the way)

As for your question - I haven't worn stockings more than a handful of times in my life, but I have NO idea how she's gonna get the other one over that shoe...

Drinks are on me if ya make it to NYC.

Seven hours? Damn, I had the same with Dan on Monday, and can remember struggling at times! Still, I manned up and got through it, and am now the proud owner of a complete sleeve by him.

No doubt! Keep the low-brow humor alive!

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