Tattoo Artist 3 Game
11:15 AM
tattoo artist 3 flash game.jpg There's a whole lot of wrong with Tattoo Artist 3, but there's also awholelotta right.

UPDATE: I removed the game embed because the autoload was annoying, so head here directly to play.

The premise is this: it's your third week as an apprentice and you get to actually work on somebody. [I know, pretty quick on the draw there.] Using your mouse, you first work the outline and then fill in. You can use different needle configurations (or something like that) to work the tattoo, and your score is based on accuracy, time...and pain. With the latter, if you work a line too long, the skin starts getting red--keep going and you fail. You have to pause often for it to hurt less. If you fail three times, game over.

You get paid for each client, and if you want to make some money on the side after you're done with the tattoo, you can pierce them as well. [And you all know we love a good piercing after going through a long session.] The clients include Dr. Paul, Geek, Brokerman and many others, who have different design needs and pain thresholds. For example, Brokerman wants a big dollar bill on his back (shown below).

tattoo artist game 3.jpg 
The flash game, by Game Pill, was awarded "Best Game from Planet Random" by Nickelodeon. It's geared towards teens and that's the level of sophistication you should expect. But last night at 1am, I was still at my laptop trying to work Dr. Paul's stethoscope and failing miserably. And while failing miserably, I had some cartoon dude with a bad tribal yelling at me via text bubble. Another reason why I don't tattoo.  

tattoo artist 3 game.jpg Don't waste time on Tattoo Artist 1 and Tattoo Artist 2. This third one beats them both.

maybe it's just b/c I didn't grow up playing video games except mariokart, but this doesn't sound that exciting to me. Seems like just practicing my own real life drawing skills would feel more rewarding than the premise of this game

Hmmm... not sure what I think about this... I mean it's funny, but c'mon... where is it going to stop? I am all for people learning how difficult the job is, but at what cost?

Also, that sounds like my last boss at a shop... that's old school encouragement to do better! Not that is would ever destroy your confidence... NOOOOOO not that... "you suck" = "make more money... and don't suck while doing it." ;^) \m/


I like how the outline isn't the one you drew when you make it to shading. That worked out well for me.

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