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11:42 AM
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Tattoo timeline on the bar at King Ink tattoo studio/club

There are tons of articles on "tat stats" [I know it even pains me to type it] but the folks at College Crunch put together a list that I like, highlighting the demographics of collectors, and the milestones of tattooing's popularity. One of the more interesting finds for me was this:

People aged 18-24 were the second least likely to have a tattoo (2008): Just nine percent of them said they had at least one tattoo in 2008; down from 16 percent in 2003. Only the aged 65 and older group had a lower percentage. Could the decline indicate that tattoos are becoming less hip?...

I also learned that Miami is the most tattooed city in America, and only 16% of people polled regret getting tattooed. [I can use that last one to rebuff the constant "oh everyone ends up wishing they didn't do it" line.] College Crunch not only offers the list but links to the studies behind the statistics. Check it.

I account the low numbers in 18-24 to being broke as fuck... and I have heard younger people say that they haven't gotten one, though their peers have, due in part to it making THEM the rebellious ones!

Neat stats! More info for the arsenal!


less hip!!
i look forward to being an old geek/freak even more then being a young one.

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