Thanksgiving Open Post
02:48 PM
turkey tattoo.jpg
Tattoo by Joe Capobianco via TattooNow

The Needles & Sins crew has the day off to gorge ourselves have introspective moments  where we reflect on that for which we are grateful.  So, I'm throwing up this open post and turning over the reigns to you.

Use the comments forum to express whatever you want:  whether it be your thoughts on the state of the industry, your tattoo wishlist, how you feel about slaughtered turkeys and a bloodied history surrounding this holiday, whether you like long walks on the beach and the company of blow-up dolls. It's all in your hands.

I know this is dangerous, but it's my way of saying thanks to all y'all for being the most beautiful and sexy blog readership on this wacky internet of ours.

Much love, Marisa

Canada's Thanksgiving suck.Yours look much more fun.I've always been intrigue by Yams..

We may have it early here in Canada but there's no rule that says you can't have Yams, we have them here too!


I just got your book BLACK TATTOO ART in the mail today (well, delivered to the post office since it's a monster of a book, a huge and heavy solid art book that sure don't fit in my mail box!!!).
Well, THANX for putting together such an ode to what is (to my sens and obviously now to so many) the essence of beauty in tattoos: the two dimentional decoration of the human body (so often looked down at). What an amazing book.

I like bloodied long walks on the industry's state beach in the company of historic blow-up dolls, while musing on thoughts of slaughtered turkey's tattoo wishlists.

Wheeeeew! I feel better now! ;^)

Cheers Marissa. Thank you, as always, for the awesome site, thought provocation and super sassiness.

Hope everyone went and stole something yesterday and had their fill of the bird Benny Franklin wanted to make our national bird!


I like pie.

Well if we can really let loose let me say that I'm tired of so many tattooers acting like they are doing us a favor by taking our money. Part of getting a tattoo is not just the design itself but the experience. And if the tattooer is an asshole that experience is marred forever. Apprenticeships should come with a lesson on respect for the person paying you.
That's it.

Anna, if you had to deal with the asshole clients who come into the shop on a daily basis, you wouldn't be cheery all the time either.

Have to side with anna here. Half the people you tattoo make minimum wage at retail stores, coffee shops and other thankless, corporate jobs.

They have to be just as nice and cheerful to the same dicks you do.

You sir, get paid much more an hour to do what you love, so cheer up.

Quite a bit different if you ask me :)

TW, I'm not saying I want someone to kiss my ass when I walk into a shop. I just want to have the kind of professionalism that a good $150-$200/hour would buy, and an understanding of the responsibility of tattooing someone.

I've taken my money to a less "famous" tattoo artist to have a better experience, and I'm very happy I did.


Thank you, BA.

yup, im with Anna!

i was emotionally scarred by an experience with a piece of shit by the name of corey kruger (MA).
for awhile i had a hard time thinking of letting someone touch me with a needle again.

but i was healed by my friends Matt Ahn (HI) & Bill Canales (CA)!
the good guys are still out there.

PeteD3, tell me more about your experience with Corey. My sister has an app with him in a few months, I'm just curious to know if she should go through with it. Any info you might share will be appreciated.


Dugan Nash

I would NEVER suggest anyone trust him in any way shape or form. But if you do consider getting a tattoo from him, get the terms in writing and watch him carefully.

Make sure to pay by check and keep track of time.
And don't expect him to finish what he starts.
He has zero ethics as far as I am concerned!

I would go on, but I doubt this is the proper place.
Send me your email, if you wish

Pete, here's my email.

I'm all ears and always on the lookout for my little sis. I appreciate any helpful info on this matter.


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