Video from Black & Grey Book Release
12:54 PM
While I sit here trying to find ways to battle the rogue army of Comment Spam-Bots that took Needles and Sins offline for a little while yesterday, I've just received this video from our good pal Bill Buschel, compiled from footage he shot at the release party for Marisa's "Black & Grey Tattoo Art" at Tattoo Culture.  If you haven't had a chance yet to see the monstrous tome in person, this video will give you a little peak at the art within (and a glimpse of the work upon our party-goers).

I believe that Marisa still has a few copies of the book at a reduced rate (US customers only), so click on the email link in the top right column for more information; and if you're interested in getting a copy of "Lady On The Low" (which Bill used as the soundtrack for this video) for just $0.50, please click on my BandCamp page.

This music SUCKS!

I love this song! Stop being a douche, Dugan.

Well, ANNA..You obviously have no taste in music if you like this garbage.

As a proud owner of "Black Tattoo Art" this is a must-have. However, as students, my girlfriend would bury me alive if spent the cash...sad.

Play nice kids. Let's not turn these forums into arguments over nothing.

Every day I read the mainstream media rag on tattooed people. Let's at least be good to each other.

Oh, and I love this song too. We each have our own tastes. No need to get nasty.

Sorry marisa.

Thanks for keeping up on the maintenance. I've seen more than one good site destroyed by spammers and I'd hate to see this one go that way.

A perfect advertisement for Marisa's work and just adds to the temptation to abuse the AmEx and grab a copy.

Thanks, B1 - it's a never-ending battle. I've got a couple of tricks up my sleeve to remedy the situation, but it's only a matter of time before the spammers find a "hack-around."

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