Corey Davis Was Here
04:53 PM

Atlanta's Corey Davis wears a lot of labels: tattoo artist, painter, designer, marketing maven, musician, and more recently, filmmaker.  

The renaissance man has created a series called Corey Davis Was Here: Somewhere Over the Pond, which are intimate video vignettes that follow Corey and the City of Ink crew as they travel to Europe and experience its art and culture. Part 1 (video above) takes off with a sleep-deprived landing in London and then it's off to the tattoo convention at Tobacco Docks. Not every episode is tattoo-centric, however; rather, they are travelogues as seen through the lens of tattooists.

Check the rest of the episodes on Creative Control TV. I'm diggin the CC media platform that houses programs on everything from gospel, to skateboarding, to tattoo culture -- all with unique perspectives from storytellers who do in fact keep creative control over all content and production. For real.

For more on Corey, read his news page or follow his magazine Greedmont Park.

For more on City of Ink's Miya Bailey, read Miguel's interview with Miya from last summer where they discuss art, race, and putting vibrant color tattoos on black skin.

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