Holiday Gift Guide: "Covered" DVD
01:20 PM

Since last April, we've been talking about Dr. Beverly Yuen Thompson's "Covered": a much needed and appreciated documentary focused on women tattoo artists and collectors.

Now the film is available on DVD and can be purchased for just $25 here. This is one of my favorite picks for the holiday gift guide. For a look into the film, see the trailer above and other clips here on YouTube.

Public screenings of Covered have also been taking place across the US. The next one will be this Saturday, December 11th, from 7-9pm at Emma Griffith's Porcupine Tattoo studio in Brooklyn, NY. The screening is in conjunction with the Ladies, Ladies Art show at Tattoo Culture, which opens the night before. For more screenings, check the film's site

In the first post on "Covered," we quoted Thompson on what inspired her to do the film. It's an important commentary on how women have been and still are generally treated in the tattoo community and bears reposting:

"Tattoo culture has now entered the mainstream with its exponential growth in popularity, reality television shows, and nationwide tattoo conventions. While Kat Von D might have made it to television stardom as a female tattooist, other women's voices from the tattoo community have been notably absent. When women are present, such as in tattoo magazines, they are often sexually objectified. Covered sets out to remedy these oversights by shedding light on the history of women in the tattoo industry and to share the voices and perspectives of heavily tattooed women in the United States."

Hope to see y'all Friday and Saturday!

I think half the problem with women in the trade not getting the respect they deserve is the women themselves (the other half is NOT our fault).

Hear me out.

I work in the industry, I am female, and have been to a lot of conventions. Every one has at least one (but usually several) lingerie booths, pinup photo company, burlesque show/event/booth, corset seller and clothing companies selling various other women's apparel.

The typical shit they are selling and uniform being worn is the same at every show: Bettie Page hair, cat eye glasses, sky high heels, fishnet tights, tits to January, red lips, sexy underwear, corsets, lots of makeup etc etc.

And its not just the collectors, there are a lot of female artists out there rocking the same look.

Don't get me wrong - every woman has the right to dress how they want, but at tattoo events the majority of women there tend to dress like that - and some also act like objects.

No wonder respect is a hard thing to come by, and no wonder women are objectified.

Amongst male collectors and artists there seems to be a lot more diversity in the 'uniform'.

I'm sure I am going to get some crap for this, go ahead; but trust me, I know both sides of it.

I just think it's time for the ladies to start helping themselves and not perpetuate the stereotyping and objectification of women in the tattoo industry.

In Short: Wear some fucking pants now and then. Cover up your ass cheeks, maybe.

And kudos to the ladies like Marisa and other ladies I have met that are able to balance sexy with brains and show a little individuality.

this is right on!
looking forward to seeing it.

you make some good points. ive always wondered why, in a world of fashions with a HUGE range for women, ladies seem to fall into the same stereotypes of dress so often?
dont get me wrong, i like a bit of cheesecake as much as the next biped. but how much till its just a cliche?


cheers, Pete

Wish I were in NYC to catch this!

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