Shop Profile: Sacred Tattoo, New Zealand
10:32 PM
Dean Sacred Tattoo.jpg Tattoo by Dean Sacred

On Tuesday, the New Zealand Herald proclaimed a "Huge Renaissance as One in Five Get Tattoos" in the country, and so we thought we'd pay tribute to the vast tattooed Kiwi population with a profile on one of Auckland's stellar shops, Sacred Tattoo.

Sacred opened its doors in 1998 with artists who tattoo in a variety of styles but are particularly known for their Traditional and Neo-Traditional tattoo work. Dean Sacred runs the show with part-owner Dan Andersen (who splits his time with Chapel Tattoo in Melbourne, Australia). Rockin artists in residence are Mark "Dark Mark" Tumaru, Hamish Mclauchlan, and Erin Chance. [Happy Birthday, Erin!] 

Here are teases of their portfolios below. Hit their links for more tattoo goodness.

erin chance tattoo.jpgTattoo by Erin Chance

hamish tattoo.jpgTattoo by Hamish McLauchlan

dark mark.jpgTattoo by Mark Tumaru

Daniel1.jpgTattoo by Dan Andersen

Check Sacred's Facebook page for convention schedules, guests artists and prints & apparel for sale.

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