Artist Profile: Paris Pierides
08:27 PM
paris tattoo1.jpgFor 25 years, Paris Pierides has been exploring tattoo art in its many genres, first in Cyprus and now in Charlotte, North Carolina. Beyond his extensive portfolio and numerous accolades throughout these years, what's a particularly interesting achievement is his award of an EB1 visa for "extraordinary outstanding artistic achievement," which provides artists a way of obtaining permanent residency in the US. This award is quite rare for tattoo artists.

Born in Choma, Zambia of Greek Cypriot heritage, Paris was sent to study in South Africa when the political situation in Zambia became unstable. There he attended art school and was awarded a scholarship to study at Parsons School Of Design in NYC. Upon graduating Parsons, with a major in Illustration, Paris moved to Cyprus in 1986 where he worked as an illustrator and then began amateur tattooing.

Paris credits veteran tattooist, Phil Bond, of Torquay, England for guiding him onto a professional career in tattooing. Paris opened his first studio, Paris Tattoos, in 1989. Over two decades later, in March 2010, Paris Tattoos made Charlotte its new home.

While Paris works in a variety of styles, I remember his blackwork in the nineties -- heavily influenced by henna designs -- as inspiring my very own tattoos. And so I guess I should give him credit for my life today as a freakshow.

See more of Paris's work here.

Paris Tattoos, LLC
1820 South Blvd. Unit 102
Charlotte, NC 28203

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