New Ads: Square & Ear Gauges
05:31 PM
free-credit-card-reader.jpgNeedles & Sins is growing thanks to your wonderful support. We do it because we love it, but of course we're grateful to our advertisers who help with our costs, so we can bring you all the tattoo goodness, free and easy. 

Our newest advertiser is Square: a mobile form of accepting credit cards, processed right on your iphone, ipad or android device. We thought it was a perfect fit for tattoo artists and indie vendors who work conventions and find that their clients are low on cash. Also great for our musicians out there looking to sell merch at gigs. 

There's no commitment to use the service, just a flat rate of 2.75% for all credit cards including AMEX and .15 per transaction. Square is a free app and the hardware gets shipped to you for free as well.

We're also very happy that EarGauges.net has renewed their ad thanks to your orders. As we've mentioned before, the company is run by those in the body modification community and was started to help people stretch their ears safely and beautifully. They sell plugs, tunnels and tapers in a variety of materials including organic wood, glass, bone, stainless steel, silicone and stone. [I'm particularly loving the new Saba wood pearl inlay plugs shown below.] Free shipping for all orders over $25. And Needles & Sins readers get 15% off if you use the coupon code: NAS15.

Thanks again to all of y'all.


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