"Tattoo Artist, A Collection of Narratives"
12:51 PM
I've found another must-have for my tattoo library: "Tattoo Artist, A Collection of Narratives" by tattoo and fine artist Jill "Horiyuki" Mandelbaum.

The 248-page softcover, released by State of Grace Publishing, is an interview book with thirteen different artists and includes hundreds of photos. Jill explains the impetus behind this three-year project and some highlights of the book:   

We chose to interview some of the most inspiring tattoo artists around, spanning several generations and a variety of genres and styles. The idea was to bring together a group of artists dedicated to celebrating tattooing as a tradition with respect and discipline. The book features Richard Stell, Oliver Peck, Jef Whitehead, Henning Jorgensen, Chris Trevino and Gary Cosmala to name a few.

Tattoo Artist also contains a chapter about Pinky Yun, the legendary Hong Kong tattoo artist who brought his craft right here to San Jose. Pinky really introduced the Western world to Oriental tattoo designs with the flash he created for Spaulding and Rogers. He was also a close friend of Ed Hardy's and is cited in Hardy's Sailor Jerry Collins; American Tattoo Master as inspiring Sailor Jerry's pin-ups through their correspondences. With Pinky's unfortunate passing this year it is an honor to have captured his legacy to share with the world.

Tattoo Artist is available online at State of Grace for $75 including shipping, and for $60 at their San Jose studio.

Also check out Jill's stellar portfolio of Japanese tattooing here.

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