Charlie Sheen Tattoo by Alie K
03:22 PM
charlie sheen tattoo.jpgOh yeah, you knew it was coming. Here's the story behind the Charlie Sheen tattoo, posted exactly as it was sent to us via email:

Tattoo recipient and fellow tattooer Andrew Ottenhof says he felt it was important to express how fortunate he feels to be #winning the genetic lottery having been born with #Tigerblood and such unique DNA. We where also assured that both Alie and Andrew have taken #Tigerblood borne pathogens and infectious disease control classes in recent months. All percautions where taken during the process of this tattoo to not infect anyone else with andrew's #Tigerblood. Andrew also wanted it noted that one of his all time favorite movies is Platoon.
I'm particularly fond of the Twitter bird icon addition.

Andrew and Alie both work at Adrenaline Tattoos in Toronto. For more on Alie's work, check her Tumblr. [Alie is also one of the founding four who helped create the Two Dollar Tattoo project.]

Thanks to Philip Barbosa for the madness!

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