Shelley Jackson's Skin: New Work
03:58 PM

It's been exciting watching Shelly Jackson's Skin project develop over the past few years, particularly seeing her 2095-word story come together on the bodies of people around the world, the only medium where it will be published.

The most recent movement in the project came last week with her exhibit at the Berkeley Art Museum: a video in which she assembled clips from a number of participants who say the word they are assigned and show their tattoo, thereby creating a new "sub-Skin" story. The LA Times has more on the video:

Close to 200 of Jackson's words [her participants] uploaded their videos onto YouTube for the new iteration of the project. She edited and crafted a story that's 895 words long (she reuses several).

"Skin is ceaselessly remixing itself as its words wander around the world, and in a sense my original story is only one of countless stories that it tells," Jackson wrote to Jacket Copy. She added, "The video I've put together is one way of gesturing toward that, but it would also be interesting to open up a space for other people to assemble their own stories out of the same material."

The LA Times took some of the video clips and even made their own video -- a fun mash-up that many of us could create with some quick and dirty editing. If you do one of your own, send it our way.

[Thanks, Theresa and Christine, for the link!]

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