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Many bemoan the magic that has been lost in tattooing with its mass popularity, but lately, the industry has been imbued with an artful mysticism as tattoo-themes manifest in the ancient Tarot.

One exciting event celebrating this union of tattoo & tarot is the Miss Fortune Art Show, which opens tomorrow at Sacred Gallery in NYC and runs until March 26th. Gallery Director, Kevin Wilson, says of the exhibit:
The show focuses on the Major Arcana cards, Latin for "Big Secrets." Often, people seek out a tarot reading if they have questions concerning their lives. In previous centuries, women were mostly illiterate.Tarot sessions were the earliest forms of "talk therapy," and a way to vent their innermost hopes, dreams, and heartbreak. Participants in the show have selected a tarot card from a classic card reading layout: they are both the readers and the clients.They were asked to create a new card to reflect their personal interpretation of the Major Arcana card they chose. Since tarot cards themselves hold no power, it is up to the reader to tailor the meanings based on the client's questions.

We'll be at the opening reception, which takes place from 7 to 11 PM. Sacred Gallery is located at 424 Broadway, 2nd Floor, New York City.


The very first exhibit of this kind that I visited (around 2007) was Astrid Kopfler's gorgeous Tattoo Tarot project, which featured the work of tattooists around the world, offering their interpretation of a card randomly selected for them. Their paintings & drawings were exhibited at numerous international tattoo conventions and galleries, and culminated into one amazing deck, perfectly packaged. I can't speak highly enough of it. I just contacted Astrid, and I'm happy to learn that she does have some sets left. US orders run 106 Euros including shipping. More ordering info here. Also find it on     

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A more recent deck within the tattoo community is the Telos Tarot set by Robert Ryan, Adam Shrewsbury, Tomas Garcia and Erik Von Bartholomaus. Haven't gotten my hands on it yet but I've been hearing great things about the art and packaging. I've also heard that there aren't many left. Tattoo Artist Magazine has more info.

telos tarot tattoo.jpg I see a wonderful weekend ahead of you, friends. Will be back on Monday.

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