Artist Profile: Holly Ellis, Idle Hand Tattoo
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On April 1st, Holly Ellis celebrated the 7th Anniversary of her Idle Hand studio with a monster bash, where bands played on the roof of her shop while the hopeful crowded outside to be a part of Get What You Get Night. As Holly explains on her blog, people lined up to put a quarter in a gumball machine and whatever design came out, that's the tattoo they would get. Here's more:

I think we've done somewhere around 6 or so of them and there are some people who have been to Every.Single.One. I believe the final count was around 45 tattoos during our most recent one. We had to start turning people away at 10pm because we were already so deep in people waiting that if we took any more we'd be there all night. So we felt bad having to say no, but we aren't robots, dammit! The last tattoo was finished around 1:30 AM! What an awesome night! We had people buying tattoos off each other, trading tattoos, getting several tattoos, it was insane!
Tattoos included skulls, snakes, dragons and even these mini-portraits shown below.

miniportraits Holly Ellis.jpgellis mini portraits.jpg
You can see more of that party in this video by Corduroy films.

Beyond gumball tattoos, Holly has a seriously solid and diverse tattoo portfolio, from classic Americana to vibrant florals to buttery black & grey work. And her fine art must not be missed. Holly, who holds a BFA from Texas State University, has been painting since 1990; she has a passion for printmaking & book arts as well.

holly ellis painting.jpgTo get tattooed by Holly, or any one of the talented artists at Idle Hands, you must go to the shop (no email or phone appointments), or you can catch her at one of these upcoming conventions:

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