Eva Huber's 12 Sleeves in 12 Months project
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eva huber.jpgAbout a week ago, tattooist Eva Huber began posting info online about an ambitious tattoo project she's undertaken called 12 in 12, a mission to tattoo 12 full sleeves in 12 months. Yes, Eva is not only a dedicated artist but it seems a masochist as well. 

The custom sleeves will be referenced from original paintings that Eva will create before inking. The entire process will be documented on Tumblr & Twitter, and will culminate in a book.

Tattooing for eight years now, Eva says that her current residency at Horseshoes & Hand Grenades in Chicopee, Massachusetts finds her increasingly busy but the 12 in 12 project further motivates her work. She explains more about the project in our email interview:  
The main reason I decided to do something like this is because I just fucking love what I am fortunate enough to be allowed to do. I was leaving the shop late one night, and on the way to my car, it just hit me. I was kind of assessing where I'm at in my life right now and I just had this divine zap of inspiration to do something ambitious and fun based around what I am in love with. To complete 12 large scale projects in 12 months just seemed to make sense and something I could achieve--if everything goes according to plan that is! 
The ideal [result] is for something truly special to follow through and to have an awesome time stamp to show for it. People from near and far (like Scotland) have inquired about participating. I'm touched that there are others out there who want to contribute and get involved from around the world! It's crazy in the most awesome sense of that word.
Eva adds that the blogs and book will not just present the creative process but every aspect including tools & supplies. For example, one of her latest entries features the hand-made Dankbuilt machine she's using (shown above). [She welcomes further sponsorship.]

When I asked her what she indulges in when things get stressful -- sex, drugs or rock-n-roll -- she said her only addiction is to sugar, adding that meditation helps her to best relax. But Eva doesn't foresee too much stress despite the pace of the project, and is just excited about its prospects:  "I am really looking forward to getting my hands dirty and continue to break my back. There are not many other things I would be willing to do that for."

More on Eva and 12 in 12 via the links below.


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