Ink Health: Custom Tattoo Bandages
10:00 AM
ink health custom bandage.jpgHere's an idea whose time has come:  custom tattoo bandages that replace the old practice of slapping on tape and Saran Wrap over a fresh tattoo.

Ink Health is an indie company -- owned and operated by tattoo artists and collectors -- that manufactures and distributes non-allergic and water resistant surgical grade bandages. The cool part is that it takes these dressings and pretties them up with the tattoo studio logo, design, contact info and the date and time to remove the bandage for fairly idiot-proof aftercare. [If only it slapped your hand away when you go to scratch.]

The logos and designs (which can be done in multiple colors) are printed before sterilization so the bandages are 100% sterile. The bandages come in the following sizes: 5x5, 7x7 and 8x10 inches. Ink Health also does custom orders. More info here.

Yes, I've walked around in bloody Saran Wrap plenty of times and my tattoos did not fall off, but I much prefer a less gooey, safer, and better looking bandage to protect my next work.

ink health bandage.jpg

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