Mata Mata Tattoo Commercial Takes it Old School
11:26 AM
eagle skull tattoo.jpgTattoo by Rick Daignault.

With greater acceptance of tattooing and also greater competition, studios have been stepping up their game to present their work and attract new clients in wonderfully creative ways. [We recently posted Nazareno Tubaro's video, which parodied the TV show Dexter.]

In another beautifully produced ad -- one that brings the old school sexy back -- Mata Mata studios in Hamilton and Cambridge, Ontario have created this smokin video (below) with photographer Brooks Reynolds.

The video has a definite allure; now let's see just who it lures into Mata Mata.

For a bit of background, Rick Daignault opened up Mata Mata in Hamilton, Ontario in February 2007. Since then, the shop has grown with the additions of Kevin Urie, Darryl Hart, Craig Grainger, Jon Gray, Dana Wood, Thomas Penny, and their receptionist Keosha Blaine, whom they say makes the artists' lives much easier. [I love it when artists give props to their receptionists and managers. It's still rare these days.] In November 2010, Mata Mata opened their second location in Cambridge, Ontario.

All the artists use the hand-made machines built by Rick himself. You can check Mata Mata's Facebook page for a look at his handiwork. You'll also see more tattoo work from each artist in their individual photo sets.

hand tattoo.jpgHand tattoo by Kevin Urie.

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