Nintendo 3DS Augmented Reality Tattoo
01:40 PM
Nintendo 3DS augmented reality tattoo.jpg
More and more, we've been seeing the interplay between tattoos and technology, like scannable bar code tattoos and numeric control tattoo machines, particularly in art-driven projects looking to make socio-political statements. Then there are those tattoo projects driven by "Oh shit, that AR card would make a killer tattoo."

The Nintendo 3DS Augmented Reality tattoo was posted yesterday by "Cranberryzero" along with this video showing how his Mii (customizable player character) appears on the AR card tattooed on his arm when the 3DS camera is focused on it. Cranberryzero got the work -- tattooed by Colby of Blue Flame Tattoo in Raleigh, NC -- just one week after buying his 3DS. [It's best that impulse buys not be permanent, but then we'd be at a loss for blogger sarcasm.]

Yes, it's cool that it works, but as many of the tech/gaming blogs like Technabob have also been pointing out: "What will happen when the next generation of consoles comes out?"

Thanks to Matt and The Lizardman for the links.

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