"Travelling Ink" Documentary
10:55 AM

I'm loving this wonderful tattoo documentary, Travelling Ink, by anthropologist Cyril Siorat, directors Dr. Udi Butler and Alan Mandel and the crew from the Pitt-Rivers Museum at the University of Oxford. Here's the official description:

Through conversations with leading tattooists [and historians] from around the world, this film explores the artistry, philosophy, meaning and history of tattooing at the site of the 2010 London Tattoo Convention. The film conveys the importance of travelling and the tattoo convention, the commitment of members of the tattoo community to their art, and the challenges they face in reconciling tradition with modernity, and spirituality with mass-appeal.
The film is 25 minutes long and worth every second. I've watched it a number of times to pull my favorite quotes but I couldn't narrow it down to just a few perfect sound bits. It's just all good -- from conversations on tattoo's ancient history to its sensuality to philosophies held by the tattooists interviewed. I can't recommend it enough.

Also check out the Museum's full collection of video and audio on body art.

Special thanks to Colin Dale and Dr. Lars Krutak (who are featured in the film) for the link.

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