Artist Spotlight: Stephanie Tamez
04:52 PM
photo by bryce ward.jpg
Portrait of Sarah Wolfe (without border) by Bryce Ward

As I mentioned in my post on tattoos in the LGBT community, I'm featuring renowned tattoo artists in the community whose work I find inspiring. One such artist is Stephanie Tamez, co-owner of Saved Tattoo in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Stephanie works in a variety of styles, from Japanese to black & gray to etching-inspired work and much more. One of my favorite tattoo projects is the backpiece above on my dear friend Sarah Wolfe, who documented the tattoo on her fabulous Evolution of a Backpiece blog. See more images of her work by Bryce Ward here.

stepahnie tamez tattoo.jpg
Stephanie Tamez hails from San Antonio, Texas where she worked as a graphic designer. She moved to San Francisco and learned how to tattoo while also working as an artist for Tower Records. In 2001, she made her way to New York and joined the NY Adorned family. In March, Stephanie joined Saved Tattoo.

Read more about Stephanie and her work on her blog.

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