Video: The 2nd Traditional Tattoo & World Cultue Fest
11:17 AM

Yesterday, in my post on the Ink-n-Iron show, I mentioned that so many tattoo conventions seem to have their own distinct personalities. Well, no greater proof of this are the videos popping up online from The 2nd Traditional Tattoo & World Culture Fest, which took place in Cobh, Ireland June 3-6. Consider the Fest the hippie cousin of the tattoo world.

Last year, we had such an amazing time (read my redux here) and were bummed we couldn't make this year's gathering. Thankfully, our friends were there to capture the scene. Blue Shed Productions offers a beautiful overview of the love fest in the video above.

And in the footage below, well, there's some man-on-man foot action in the form of synchronized hand-poking on the soles of two tattooists' feet. The video was taken by Peter Schachner of Lard Yao Tattoo (who specializes in Thai tattooing by hand). There are a lot of ouches and giggling. Kinda cringed when I first watched it, but hell, you may think it's funny/ridiculous as well.

To see photos from the fest, check its Facebook page.

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