"Alive: Tattoo Portraits" by Julien Lachaussee
02:29 PM
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Parisian photographer, Julien Lachaussee, spent six years shooting tattoo artists and collectors from all walks of life, and the result of his work is now culminating in a limited edition art book entitled Alive: Tattoo Portraits published by Editions Eyrolles.

Alive is comprised of 146 portraits in color and black & white, and in Polaroid and analog photography. Subjects include body builders, strippers and a number of tattoo artists including Laura Satana, Lea Nahon, and Tin Tin (shown below) who also wrote the foreword.

Julien and Eyrolles have launched a pre-sale special of the book on Ulule. Those who order the book on Ulule within the next 19 days will receive Alive (in its designer box) and a signed and numbered print. Fund raising through Ulule will go towards offsetting the printing costs, but the goal of 45 sales must be met.

You can pre-order Alive for 160 Euros for its November release date. Also find more of Julien's work in Sang Bleu and Inked magazines among others.

Tin Tin by Julien Lachaussée.jpg
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