Espolon Tequila Tattoos
12:26 PM
espolon tequila tattoo2.jpgWe get sent a lot of products to review at here at NeedlesandSins.com headquarters (otherwise known as Ralph's bodega), and lately, there's been more booze than books arriving. It seems PR teams have become hip to our drunken Twitter feed.

Most recently, we received an absolutely gorgeous package from premium tequila Espolon -- complete with bottles of their Tequila Blanco and Tequila Reposado, artwork from their award-winning package design, and a rockin Lucha Libre wrestling mask (which has come in handy when we need to hide our faces, for many different reasons).

Over the July 4th weekend, we enjoyed it with friends who described the 100% Blue Agave tequila as "smooth with spicy notes." I thanked Espolon for sending the swag, but told them that we need a tattoo angle for any review. Their response: "There are actually a few people who have gotten tattoos of our artwork." Bingo! See one above.

The bold, graphic labels are influenced by famed 19th-century Mexican artist, Jose Guadalupe Posada. As described by Espolon's creative team, the Dia de los Muertos-style illustrations that adorn the bottles depict scenes of those who fought for today's "Real Mexico," celebrating the country's storied culture and the iconic rooster -- a symbol of national pride.

Considering just how many brand tattoos are out there, like those hipster tributes to PBR, I'd say this is a more artful way to show the world you have a drinking problem. Become a boozy buddy with Espolon on Facebook. And drink responsibly.


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