Jessie Knight, The UK's Tattoo Godmother
10:35 AM
Over the weekend, Dr. Matt Lodder sent us this link to the Jezebel Post "World War II's Badass Female Tattoo Artist" -- a look at the UK's tattoo godmother Jessie Knight.

Jessie is considered the first professional British female tattooist, whose career spanned from the 1920s through the '60s. The Tattoo News offers some info on her start:

Before Jessie Knight became Great Britain's first professional female tattoo artist, she worked for her father in his sharp shooting circus act.

Her job being to stand before him so that he could hit a target that was sometimes placed on her head or on an area of her body. Which of course was fine until one night it all went horribly wrong when he accidentally shot Jessie in the shoulder.

And it was this that prompted Jessie, who was born in Cardiff, to give up show business and leave her father's act to concentrate on becoming a tattoo artist. But instead of learning the art from her father (who was also a tattooist in his day), she went to work at Charlie Bell's in Chatham, Kent, England.

It was in and around the year 1936 that saw her move on and set up her own tattoo shop in Aldershot, Hampshire, England. Later to move into the back of an amusement arcade in the army garrison town, tattooing there throughout the Second World War.

You can read more and find addition photos on the Tattoo News forum thread on Jessie as well as on Jezebel. Also check the video below (which we also posted last April), showing her in action.

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