More TLC "Tattoo School" Backlash
11:59 AM

Outrage over TLC'c upcoming reality show "Tattoo School" has been growing and expressed online in some creative, entertaining and even extreme ways.

I posted this video above over the weekend on Facebook and Twitter, but in case you missed it, here's the wit and wisdom of "JustJohnTattoo." Also check some interesting posts by Dave's Damn Blog and Devil City Press.

Many are sharing their anger on group Facebook pages calling for a boycott of the show -- and some are angrier than others as demonstrated by this tattoo below.

It's been said that all these blog posts, videos, and social networking groups are only giving TLC tons of free press. I think one of the most important issues here is that it has motivated so many to take an active stance against these schools (which have been around for quite some time) and educate those who may be considering shelling out cash in exchange for big promises of tattoo grandeur.

I've interviewed countless tattoo artists over the years, and when asked about how they've attained success, they say, "Hard work."  No TV show or quickie course can replace that.

UPDATE: It seems that tattooists who have been protesting outside the San Diego Tattoo Learning Center are having an impact on students and their misguided canvases. Read more on NBC News. 

tattoo school tattoo.jpg

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