The Tattooed Grandma "Trend"
04:01 PM
This morning, the Today show aired a video piece (above) pointing out "the trend" of tattooed grandmas. Despite the cliches and cheezy production, the women featured make the video well worth the watch. They show a fire and fearlessness that come with breaking the taboos of one's generation -- but with the luxury of not having to answer the ubiquitous question, What will that tattoos look like when you're older?

These women are a fabulous story on their own, and the piece really didn't need gimmicks like Jenn Wolfe's faux tattoo. As for the "trend" of tattooed grandmas, well, we'll take it over non-skinny men wearing skinny jeans.

If we had to chose the ultimate trendsetter, it would be Mimi, the 102-year-old woman who got her first tattoo at 99 years of age. As we noted in that post on Mimi, when asked "Why a tattoo? Why now?" she replied "Why not?"

Why not, indeed.

[Thanks to our friend Ron of for the link.]

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