"Tattoo Age" Video: Troy Denning Part II
12:05 PM

We're hooked on Vice TV's Tattoo Age series for its fun and fascinating look into the art and personal lives of tattooists. We're particularly loving the videos on Troy Denning -- a made-for-TV character with a portfolio to justify the airtime. 

As with the Dan Santoro & Grime, Troy's profile is in three parts. We lauded Part I here and Part II [video above] is equally compelling.

This video starts off with footage of Troy & Jeb Maykut making bank by stumbling into the Cash Cab in NYC. It establishes Troy's smarts but goes on to discuss how the artist is self-taught in many facets of his life. There are also photos of him as a child, then as a punk rocker, and then images of his early days tattooing as the narrative follows his path from a kid who drew those cartoons from the TV Guide to a sought-after tattooist. As with all of Vice TV videos, we highly recommend watching it.

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