"Tattoo Age" Video: Troy Denning Part III
03:48 PM

The final installment of Vice TV's Tattoo Age profile on Troy Denning is now up and horrifying vegans across the Internet. It begins with Troy "putting crabs to sleep" in preparation of a BBQ he's hosting, with many of NY's tattooratti in attendance. You'll also see him rocking out at Karaoke and mocking the "Engrish" of his Japanese friends, who in turn, mock his Japanese language skills. 

But amidst all the carousing video and catchy soundbits, there's serious discussion on Troy's work. For example, he explains that his favorite Japanese-influenced tattoos have been those that were rendered more flat and readable, without a lot of "bells and whistles." There's also talk of the Japanese mythology that figures so heavily in Troy's large compositions. 

As I've said before, I'm liking how Vice TV is approaching these videos by having fun footage where the artists' personalities shine, but also some substance when it comes to tattoos.

In case you missed them, here's Part I and Part II of the Troy Trilogy.

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