Soccer Player Arrested in Saudi Arabia for Jesus Tattoo
12:32 PM
Worldwide media is abuzz over the arrest of Juan Pablo Pino, a Colombia-born player for Saudi Arabia's Al Nasr Soccer club, because he wore a sleeveless shirt revealing his Jesus tattoo in a shopping mall in the capital city of Riyadh. Some fellow shoppers who saw the tattoo caused a stir and officers from the Police Force for the Promotion of Virtue of the Prevention of Vice swooped in to detain the couple.  According to Sharia (Islamic law), all tattoos (religious or not) must be covered at all times. To promote virtue. And to prevent vice. According to Gulf News, this same group has urged strict directives to all foreigner players of Saudi soccer clubs to cover tattoos. [Gulf News also notes a media outcry over a Romanian-born player's cross tattoo.]

And I can hear the outcry of tattoo fans over this. But really, the greater injustice is the fact that only last month Saudi women were given the right to vote. Of course, they are prohibited from driving themselves to vote. Nor can women travel outside the country without permission from a male guardian. They can be flogged for adultery. And if a woman is raped, she must provide four witnesses to the rape to prove the absence of consent...So I think I'll save my protests for human rights violations than the right to bare tattooed arms.

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