Stop Motion Camera Tattoo
01:19 PM

We've seen a few stop motion videos of tattooing, but we're particularly digging this one by Portland photographer Dabe Alan of his camera-themed tattoo by Tony Touch at Infinite Art Tattoo in Toledo, Ohio.

Through stop motion, you really get an up-close look into technique and overall creation of the tattoo. As Dabe notes in the description under Part 1 of the video, the sitting took four hours and will be part of a large work. He explains: "So with the help of Tony Touch, I am getting an awesome Nerd sleeve worked on whenever I go visit Toledo. We decided to roll with an evolution of cameras at first, then more nerdy references above." Also check Part 2 and Part 3.

Here is part of the tattoo below from Tony's Facebook page, where you can also find updates to his portfolio.

Thanks to photographer Atom Moore for the link!

camera tattoo by Tony Touch.jpg

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