"Tattoo Age" Video: Freddy Corbin Teaser
06:34 PM

In the last of their "Tattoo Age" series, Vice TV profiles the legendary Freddy Corbin.

Tattooing since 1987, Freddy is particularly renowned for his black & gray work. Over the years, he honed his craft working alongside artists like Ed Hardy, Eddie Deusthe, Dan Higgs, Hanky Panky and Filip Leu. In 1998, he opened Temple Tattoo (and later Tattoo13) in Oakland, where you can find him today. Vice TV delves into the artist's career as well as his personal trials and triumphs. Their release best describes this teaser: 

In the series trailer, Freddy takes us to an impromptu Chinese-style tea ceremony to meet one of his spiritual friends, and sets the tone for the rest of his series - filled with anecdotes of religious experiences and musings about getting clean after years of drug use.
I'm particularly looking forward to this 3-part feature, which begins next Wednesday. We'll be sure to post each episode.

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