Holiday Gift Guide: "18 Angles of the Human Skull" by Kore Flatmo
03:30 PM
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Along the lines of stellar art books by stellar tattoo artists in our gift guide today, I present "18 Angles of the Human Skull" by Kore Flatmo in Cincinnati, Ohio.

This second edition -- now in easy to carry book form -- takes the original content of the popular first version and adds even more value, including five pages of new drawings, sixteen paintings and a tattoo section. The book is not only a collection of exciting art but also is an excellent reference for those seeking to refine their memento mori tributes in their own work. If you're looking for a great way to tip your artists this holiday, "18 Angles of the Human Skull" will do the trick. You can purchase it for $100 on the Plurabella online store.

While you're there shopping, also check his fine art prints and apparel. Prints by Brenda Flatmo -- like this Nick Cave portrait -- are also available.

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