Free e-Book: "Black Seas of Infinity" by Dan Henk
01:52 PM
A good way to start the new year is with a freebie, especially if it's an engaging illustrated novel by prolific tattooist, painter and now author, Dan Henk.

The Black Seas of Infinity is described as a dark thriller with a sci-fi and horror vibe. Publisher's Anarchy Books are offering the eBook version of the novel free for the Kindle and viewing via the Kindle app (which works on multiple devices). This promotion is limited, just the next few days during the post New Year's hangover. The paperback is available for $10.88 on Amazon. 

The novel is written from the first-person perspective of the lone protagonist, who is working for the military, when he makes a discovery that will forever alter his life. Pulled from his job building surveillance drones, the antihero is brought into a clandestine military group investigating downed alien crafts. As a man who pined for a career in advanced physics, this was a dream come true -- but a short-lived one. He soon finds himself at odds with the powers that be and is expelled from the group. The problem is he knows too much. The story follows him through a bloody heist turned coup, the fall of the US government, and a subsequent maze of viperous confederacies. Society crumbles around him, and he flees to the jungles of Mexico. There he finds an even worse fate.

dan henk illustrations.jpgFor Dan, art and writing are intertwined. His eleven years tattooing and his fine art education clearly influence his prose, a fact that he doesn't deny. "I've been told I write with an artist's eye. I tend to fully describe a scene, not just flit through the highlights. I imagine myself there, in the midst of the scenario I'm creating, and I try to bring it to life with words." He's is currently working on a book of short stories, which Anarchy Books will also release as a paperback later this year.

Tattooing still dominates Dan's days. Check his site for tattoo work and his upcoming convention schedule.

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