Tattoo Zen with Jason Lambert
06:54 PM
jason lambert tattoo.jpg
There are many wonderful blogs written by tattooists that not only exhibit the latest works but share their thoughts on the works and the industry in general. Some even offer their own philosophies, offering a glimpse into the artists' personalities.  One blog that has the complete package is Tattoo Zen by Jason Lambert of Black Cat Tattoos in Pittsburgh, PA.

Jason's latest post, "10 bits of advice for beginning tattooers," is particularly a great read and one that can be enjoyed by those who are not learning to tattoo as many of the lessons can be applied beyond the industry -- and are even applicable to our personal lives.

I also dig reading Jason's online portfolio to get the stories behind some of the tattoos, like the Momataro Japanese folk tale shown below.

Beyond the stories, Jason's portfolio is interesting (especially the before and after shots), strong and diverse. Check it.

jason lambert tattoo 3.jpgjason lambert tattoo 2.jpg

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