Free Sailor Jerry App
03:35 PM
SJ_FlashAppBlog.jpg The Horiyoshi III apps we talked about on Monday got a love of love from y'all, so I figured I'll post another fun one:  the Sailor Jerry app for iPhone and iPad.

When you hit the home page of the app -- shown above -- head straight to "Ink View" where you can try on classic Americana art by tattoo legend Norman "Sailor Jerry" Collins. Easy  to use, you can scale and rotate the designs on a photo from your camera roll or take a new photo, and play around with flash of pin-ups, anchors, ships, hearts and many more iconic images. You can then email or post your photo to Facebook and Twitter.

There are also features that allow you to find an artist (which needs work) as well as a link to the Sailor Jerry Facebook page, but it's the Ink View that makes this app worth the download. And hell, it's free!

Here's one I did on a baby pic of me below. [Yes, my delts were that big.] Try it out for yourself.


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