Alcohol & Tattoos
11:09 AM
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Photo by Steve Prue

I'm writing this drunk. Or at least a bunch of French researchers think so according to their study published in Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research.

In fact, I'm stone sober and the only thing wasted is my time reading tons of international press latch on to this study and blow it out of proportion with outrageous headlines. The Alcoholism journal is a peer-reviewed publication, and I'm guessing there could be something to the finding that tattooed people drink more than non-tattooed people, but it also appears simplified and flawed in a number of ways.

Here's how the study went down according to io9.com:  French undergrad business students went to college bars in four different cities and hit up almost 2,000 people -- around the average age of 20 -- asking them how many tattoos and piercings they had and then giving them a breathalyzer test. Those with tattoos had more alcohol on their breath. And the more tattoos they had, the more "risky" their behavior.

Thus, naturally, tattooed people drink more.
I can hear the primal scream of tattooed StraightEdge kids now.

It seems silly to state the obvious that 20-year-old college kids in France are not representative of the world tattoo population. However, in light of all the media buzz, perhaps it does need to be said. So there. I said it.
Now, I'll just go make myself a Bloody Mary.

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