Artist Profile: The Ricci Sisters
06:57 PM
polynesian inspired tattoo.jpgTattoo by Raffaela Olomhe Ricci

calum rose tattoo.jpgDrawing & Tattoo by Brunella Ricci

Italian-born tattoo nomads Raffaella Olomhe Ricci & Brunella Ricci travel the world soaking up the art and culture of the places they visit, translating these influences into very different but highly skillful tattoo work that reflect their own approaches to the craft.

In the late nineties, the sisters owned and operated Stigmata Tatuaggi, one of the first female run studios in Milan. While the shop was highly successful for many years, Raffaella Olomhe and Brunella wanted to concentrate more on their art, while seeing the world, rather be addled with the extra work tattooists must manage for a busy shop. So they closed Stigmata and hit the road. Brunella says, "Traveling is a great way to open your mind, to get to know other realities and meet other artists."

In Raffaella Olomhe's work, indigenous tattoo art of the tribes she has visited have had quite an impact on her own art. She says of her style:

I specialize in ornamental tattooing, solid black, shading and dotwork. I work exclusively freehand and custom, strongly influenced by Maori and Pacific tattoo art. My work is more aesthetic than symbolic with a careful study of shapes and patterns. I mix different styles from many cultures. I also specialize in Celtic dotwork.

In quite another artistic direction is Brunella's tattooing, which she describes in this way: "My style is black and gray. I'm inspired by old lithographic prints, comics, graphic design, and look to interpret them in my own way."

At the moment, the sisters are based at Tribe2 Tattoo in Glasgow, Scotland. They will then head to New Zealand in November & December 2012 and do some guest spots as well as work the New Plymouth tattoo convention on November 24 & 25th.

Check their blogs for updates on their travels and for new tattoos and art.

For an in-depth article on the Ricci sisters, pick up the May 2012 issue of Tattoo Revolution magazine (also available as a digital download).

celtic tattoo.jpgCeltic Tattoo by Raffaela Olomhe Ricci

brunella ricci tattoo.jpgTattoo by Brunella Ricci 

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