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bukowski_tattoo.jpgApril is National Poetry Month, and to celebrate, Bill Cohen's Tattoosday blog is featuring the tattoos and writing of poets daily until May 1st.

Here's what Bill says of the Tattooed Poets Project:

Whereas Tattoosday is mostly about my random encounters with tattoos in and around New York City, back in 2009, I saw a poet had shared their tattoos over on the Best American Poetry [BAP] blog. As a poet, blogger, and fan of tattoos, I wondered if there were enough tattooed poets around who would be willing to share their ink on Tattoosday to fill thirty days of posts for April, National Poetry Month. I reached out to Stacey Harwood, who runs the BAP blog, and she thought it was an excellent idea and posted about it on her site. I also reached out through social media, asking poets on Facebook if they were either tattooed, or knew poets who were. The rest is history.

We are entering our fourth year this April, which will mean we get to celebrate our 100th poet, sharing their ink. Not every post is mind-blowing. Some poets have very basic, rudimentary tattoos, but some have really amazing pieces. It's really about celebrating both poets and tattoos, simultaneously.  Like regular Tattoosday posts, I always try and credit the artist(s) and shops responsible for the work.

In addition, I feature a sample of the poet's work. The index of the tattooed poets can be seen at www.tattooedpoets.com.
One of my favorite features is that on poet Eric Morago, whose Bukowski-inspired tattoo -- done at Body Art Tattoo in Whittier, CA -- is shown above. In the post, Eric discusses what inspired the tattoo and also offers his tattoo-related poem "Entangled." [Not all poems on Tattoosday are tattoo themed.] Check that feature here.
Bill starts accepting submissions in January (he's pretty full up for 2012 already), but poets who have publication credits in journals, magazines or books, can submit their work to tattoosday@gmail.com.

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