Artist Spotlight: Khan Tattoo
05:32 PM
khan tattoo.jpg
The big highlight for me at the NYC Tattoo Convention has always been getting to watch excellent tattooers from around the world do their thing in person and up close. One artist whose work I really enjoyed checking as it came to life was Khan Tattoo, who has been on the road rocking color realism works, which he describes as "Neo-Fantasy."

Tattooing since 2001, the South Korean-born Khan wanted to follow in Guadi's footsteps and create architectural wonders. After meeting a beautifully tattooed Yakuza, however, his path changed and he set out to create art on the body -- a decision, he says, that he has never regretted.

Tattoo's path has taken him around the world, tirelessly working conventions and guest spots in different cities for long stretches of time away from his home in Japan. Right now he's in Massachusetts at ZaZa Ink, where he'll be working through June 9th. In July, Khan will be at Reinkarnation in Cologne, then 2nd Skin Tattoo in Zurich (July 24- Aug. 15t) and then the London Tattoo Convention in September ... check his full guest spot/convention schedule here.

You can view more of Khan's work on Facebook & Twitter as well.

portrait tattoo Khan.jpgdali tattoo Khan.jpg

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