Baltimore Tattoo Convention Coverage
10:53 AM
This past weekend's Baltimore Tattoo Convention got plenty of press, including slideshows and video.

The Baltimore Sun offers this photo gallery view from the floor of the convention and also an interesting article on the convergence of tattoos and tech at the show.
Reporter Steve Kilar makes note of all those gaming, as well as texting and Facebooking their experiences in the midst of getting tattooed
. He also mentioned that a number of artists were using their iPads to sketch out designs, and smartphones to take credit card payments. Personally, I like the chatting and connection with the artist while getting tattooed, but if Angry Birds better distracts from the pain, launch those wingless suckers.

TV cameras from ABC News to Fox were also there to capture the scene, and yeah, plenty of tattoo cliches abound, but still a peak into the event for those of us who couldn't make it.

My favorite coverage is often found on Flickr, where members post their own personal photos from these shows. I particularly like these portrait and performance photos.
Check 'em.

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