Cosmetic Tattooing for Burn Victims
11:06 AM
tattoo over burn.jpgWhile we don't usually cover cosmetic tattooing, I wanted to share this particular article in the news this week because it's a compelling story of one victim turning to tattooing to make her self more beautiful and to help others as well.

CBC News profiles Basma Hammed, a medical cosmetic tattooist in Toronto who first came to the profession by personal necessity when she couldn't find help elsewhere. As CBC reports, when Basma was a two-year-old girl in Iraq, a pan of hot oil accidentally fell on the left side of her face requiring multiple plastic surgeries -- a total of 100 procedures -- but none with success in covering the large red scar tissue or with creating the look of a natural eyebrow. She began by getting a tattoo machine and creating the eyebrow permanently herself. It was then that she realized she could tattoo her face matching the skin color of the healthy tissue. So she went to aesthetician school and soon began working on herself -- with much success as you can see above.

Today, she runs her Basma Hameed Clinic, where she helps other burn victims as well as breast cancer patients with areola reconstruction and others wishing to cover surgical scars (among other procedures).

Watch her tell her story and discuss medical tattooing below.

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