Ink Stories 1: Daniel Ronson
02:07 PM

While there have been some great (and not so great) videos on top tattooists, there aren't many on the experiences of apprentices. Filling this void is the first episode of Ink Stories, a documentary short by Lima Charlie on an artist learning the craft, his approach and also sacrifices for tattooing.

Ink Stories 1 features Daniel "Ronnie" Ronson of The Circle tattoo studio in London. In the film, Ronnie explains how he quit art school and took a series of odd jobs to pursue tattooing. He began by hanging around Jayne Doe Tattoo and sponging any info he could. In appreciation, he created a painting for the studio, which they posted online. Matth of The Circle saw it and soon offered to teach Ronnie. You can see from his portfolio that he's learning quickly. I also recommend checking out all the portfolios at The Circle, which range from traditional to modern abstract styles.

More Ink Stories videos to come.

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