News Buzz Over Artist with Magnetic Implants
06:47 PM
After many years of conventions, reading, and having the Lizardman wiggle his bifurcated tongue at us, news items on "extreme body modification" don't really register with me, especially as they tend to have the same "Look at the freaks" format. But when over a hundred news outlets pick up the same story, it warrants attention.

Creating all the buzz is Dave Hurban, a tattooer and piercer at Dynasty Tattoo in New Jersey, who implanted magnetic micro-dermal anchors to attach an iPod nano to his wrist. In an interview with Digital Trends, he explained the procedure and impetus behind it. Here's a bit from that article:

Hurban wasn't making a grand statement about the human reliance on technology in modern society, about how we are all on our phones and Mp3 players so often that they might as well be embedded in us. He also wasn't trying to sell us something using the jaded cynicism of a viral publicity stunt. According to Hurban, 'the ultimate reasoning was that I just thought it would be cool'.
Is it wrong that I think it's pretty cool too?

Of course, my big issue with it all was not with the implant but with the fickle and fleeting Apple product cycles -- an issue that Digital Trends also brought up, particularly as the magnets were positioned specifically for this device. Dave's response:  "I did it because I'm living in the now. I did it because it's cool now. Even if they do come out with a new iPod, the fact that I did this when this iPod was out, that's what matters." Carpe diem, my friend.

To see the whole procedure, up close and bloody, check the video below.

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