Sailor Jerry's Hold Fast Videos & Pop-Up Studios
06:23 PM

The Hold Fast video series of tattooist interviews are so good we don't need to make up a drinking game to watch 'em -- despite it being produced by Sailor Jerry Rum.

I particularly like the video above with renowned Japanese tattoo specialist Chris Trevino aka Horimana, who studied under master Horiyoshi III for five years and now works his craft at Perfection Tattoo in Austin, TX (which was founded by Bob Moreau in the late 70s).

Also check the videos with Deluxe Tattoo's Ben Wahhh, Think Tanks' Adam Rosenthal and Julie Becker, among others.  

The Sailor Jerry peeps have been traveling around in their infamous Airstream interviewing tattooists across the country, and a number of those artists have even offered Sailor Jerry tattoos right inside. They've also organized pop-up tattoo shops at numerous venues.

This Saturday, May 12th, the Airstream will be on NY's Lower East Side outside of the PKNY Tiki Bar, and inside, in the back-room pop-up shop, will be Alex McWatt from Three Kings Tattoo offering a limited number of iconic classic flash. You can watch Alex's Hold Fast video here. The fun runs from 10:00pm to 4:00am.

And try not to have too much rum before the tattoo please.

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