Tattooed Calfskin Poster by Chaos Crew
11:31 AM
tattooed calfskin.jpg

tattooed calfskin 2.jpg Calfskin has been an artistic medium for millenia (much to the horror of the ancient vegans), and it continues to communicate fine art today. In Munich, Germany, the Chaos Crew Tattoo Studio artists have used this medium for their own art -- a tattooed poster entitled "We get history under your skin."

On Vimeo, which houses the video shown below, the artists explain the project:

We developed a poster that impressively shows the Bavarian tattoo artists' skills: just as tattoo motives tell countless stories, we interwove the most important events of 2011 into one huge tattoo. History was tattooed onto calfskin to promote the art of tattooing in its most authentic form - on real skin.
Such 2011 events include the capture of Osama Bin Laden, Occupy Wall Street, the Egyptian revolution as well as the Greek financial collapse, Amy Winehouse's death and Dirk Nowitzki's NBA win as shown in the panel above.

See more close-ups of the skin poster on DesignBoom. And definitely check this wonderfully produced video, showing the process of creation, from drawing to display.

[Links via Complex Magazine.]

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